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Welcome to Multi-Contact in North America

As a leading provider of electrical and electronic connectors, Multi-Contact offers innovative and safe quality products for power and data connection.

The Multi-Contact product range includes interconnection systems for the most demanding applications in Aerospace, Medical,  Robotics, Solar Energy, General Industry and Test & Measurement. Our plugs and sockets are designed for high performance, high mating cycles, low insertion and extraction forces, and ideally suited for low and high current applications.

We develop customized solutions to fit your particular needs.

Connect your rackable battery in rolling stock

Power and signal contacts in one connector: for an easy, quick and safe connection of rackable battery in rolling stock.

Automotive body-shops

For more flexibility, the new RobiFix panel receptacle dedicated to weld timers.

Gigabit Ethernet connector

Designed for high mating cycles in automatic systems, our GigaDock1 is insulated and shielded.